Cherie Renae - Portland Photographer


"I'm just not photogenic." 
Paulette is a long-time client. I've photographed both of her daughters for their senior sessions. I've even done a couple of family portraits. My art fills her house. Yet this was her response when I asked her to come in for a solo photo session.
I can't count the number of times I've heard this from people. On what is this 'knowledge' based? Well, on all the snapshots endured through the years, of course. 
But here's the deal. That's the equivalent of looking at the watercolor portrait your five-year-old creates, then saying "Oh, I can't have a professional oil painting of myself. I'm just not attractive in paintings." 
That watercolor hangs proudly on the fridge, but you don't mistake it for a true representation. "But photos don't lie," you say. WRONG. Of course they do! 
A camera is nothing but a mechanical recorder of light. And if the light reflects harshly (which it ALWAYS does when we get flashed in the face by the automatic flash) we look like our 95-year-old grandmas. (Whom, by the way, I proud to say I resemble more and more each day. If I have to age, at least I want to do it with grace. lol!)
That's why I am so particular about my lighting. That's why I'm unashamed about my digital darkroom work. As I tell my clients, I ensure what is represented is the person we see face-to-face. When we talk, when we laugh together, we don't see the miniscule bags and wrinkles. We see spirit. We see joy. We see beauty. And it's my responsibility to be sure that's what you see in a portrait, too.
Not photogenic? Not a chance. You and I and Miz Paulette here are beautiful. If you still don't believe it, come let me prove it to you.


Imaginary worlds live within us all. Together, we can give form to an inner vision, so that you not only see it, but for a moment, you LIVE it.



Sometimes you just need a quick emotional pick-me-up. Our Photo Spa sessions offer a chance to recenter, recharge, and leave feeling beautiful!


Includes light refreshments, wholly listening time, photo session and one web image. Your choice of 90 minute or 45 minute session.



When Cherie’s father was diagnosed with inoperable cancer, the family gathered and coaxed her Dad into recounting his life. It was a gift to them and to her Dad, who knew that he mattered and would be remembered. Remember your loved one with an Inscribed into Time session. 



A business portrait doesn't HAVE to be boring. 

Even a 'head and shoulders' image can be captivating. In fact, it SHOULD be, because it's important that a biz pic capture the 'professional' you. 



You deserve something more than just a snapshot. Do something totally different with your senior portraits. Come visit with Cherie and get creative!

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