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Vibria – Dragon Seer

Posted on July 15th, 2016

Tandi has been a client for many years. She is sharp and determined, strong-minded and courageous. When I asked her to sit for my superhero series (choose a color, choose a super-power, come dressed in costume, I’ll create a world around you) she chose poison green as her color, and piercing sight as her power. (Most of us feel she already has that power, I’m just saying.) 

When Tandi arrived, I positioned her with her foot on a stool. I didn’t know what her foot was resting upon, but I knew there would be something. I also had her hold her hand up, as though she were holding something. Again, I didn’t know what, but I knew my Muse would tell me.




First, I created a green cave and placed her in it. Then I gave her glowing eyes (piercing sight.) I created the ball of light in her hand (notice I made her fingers glow, too. I look at every detail, to ensure the image is ‘realistic’.)

But what was she standing on? Then it came to me. A dragon’s head, of course! A powerful superhero like this would have a dragon companion. Duh. But how to create a dragon? I used two photos: a chameleon and a bat’s wing. I morphed the chameleon’s head into my vision of a dragon’s head, then painted it to match the green theme. I did the same with the bat’s wing. Tada! A dragon.

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