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Tekhne – Creative Conjuror

Posted on August 1st, 2016

My friend and photography mentor, Miriam, is an amazing portrait artist. She has won every state and national award there is – multiple times. In the photographic world, she is royalty. When she heard about my superhero series (choose a color, choose a super-power, come dressed in costume, I’ll create a world around you) she said, “I want to be a superhero!” And what else would she be, but a conjuror of images!



For this image, I used as the backdrop a cloisters I’d photographed in Scotland. I added a cauldron from another photo, and then created the flames that rise from it. I took one of her award-winning prints and placed it (with the help of a tech-savvy friend) into a ‘ball of becoming’. Note the ball has accurate reflections from the room (I’m pretty proud of that touch.) I used two images of Miriam, taken in my studio, added the swirling wand effect, and voila! Tekhne is born. (Although, I’m pretty sure she lives inside Miriam all the time.)

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