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Tethys – Controller of the Seas

Posted on August 31st, 2016

Ula came to my studio for my superhero series (choose a color, choose a super-power, come dressed in costume, I’ll create a world around you) and said, “I control the oceans, and my color is blue.” Bedecked in blue wig, blue lips, blue nails, she looked every bit the ocean goddess. She stood regally before my camera, looked deeply into the lens and channeled Tethys.


To create this image, I created an underwater cave and placed her in it. Then I created a swirl of water (I have so much fun learning new Photoshop techniques! I’m pleased with how realistic the water looks) and added fish.

Note the shine on the top of her hair, and the fall of light across her face. Light is crucial in creating a realistic art image. The source of light – the hole in the top of the cave – must be placed to match the studio lighting I set on Ula. The fall of light onto the cave floor must do the same. Note Ula’s shadow in the fall of light on the cave floor. Small details make all the difference. 🙂

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