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Moonlight Madness

Posted on September 1st, 2016

Every year, my RED Club/Club Rouge ladies and I enjoy an event called Moonlight Madness. Held on the full moon in August, it’s a time to party under the full moon and enjoy some fantasy art. I use photos of the moon I’ve personally taken. I couldn’t WAIT for this year’s event, because last fall, I’d captured a blood red moon as it rose above the horizon, and it would be the base for this year’s imagery.

I love Moonlight Madness, because it’s the one time of the year when all the RED Club women are together. The event was actually held at my studio, because it wound up being one of the hottest days of the year – it was over 100 degrees outside when the party started.  In air-conditioned comfort, we talked, we laughed, we wined and we dined. Oh, and we created some portrait art, too! Here’s a sample:


Rousalii – mischievous wood goddess

Rousalii crouches in the shadowy woods, reaching for the harvest moon. Curious, mischievous, intelligent, she embodies the childlike sprite in each one of us.







moonlightmadness3Fauna – goddess of woodland creatures

Fauna converses with Fox under a blood-red moon. Wisdom can be gained by consulting Gaia’s creatures, and none know this better than Fauna.






Every woman is a celestial being – a goddess in her own right. This image captures Every Woman in her ethereal beauty, self-determined and self-determining, comfortable amongst the stars.

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