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Aquila – Eagle Seer

Posted on December 15th, 2016

William came to me after his wife and daughter participated in the Superhero series. “I don’t really have a superhero persona,” he said, “but my spirit animal is an Eagle. Could we do something with that?”

“Sure!” I replied enthusiastically. “Can you take your shirt off?” He blinked a couple of times and looked to his wife for rescue. She just grinned.

He loved the resultant artwork. Thanks for trusting me, William.

Aquila - eagle seerFor this image, I took an mountain image from one of my travels. I added a bald eagle in flight, and superimposed a faded image of the eagle’s gaze. Since this was spirit art, I made William a little transparent, to show that he is one with Eagle Spirit. I added an eagle tattoo to his chest, hooked his nose a little (to match the eagle) and I even put a tiny eagle reflection in his right eye.

I made the image greytone, except for the yellow highlights. Then I printed it (24 x16 inch) on metallic paper, mounted on white stand-out board.

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