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Puerto Vallarta Visions

Posted on January 9th, 2017

Puerto Vallarta Sailing, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

A year ago, I visited Puerto Vallarta, and I’ve been pining to return every since. This is funny, because Mexico was never on my bucket list; but for a chance invitation, I probably would never have experienced this delightful country. Now I’m hooked. I peruse Craigslist apartment rentals with dreams of living there for a month, a season, forever.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Church, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

It’s a warm land – the people, the climate, and the colors envelope me with balmy sights and sounds. This is a region where solitude is never isolation: it whispers ‘slow down, enjoy.’ I’ve truly left my heart in Puerto Vallarta, and I can’t wait to return.

(The cover photo was taken near sunset. I saw the sailboat moving from deep sea toward land, and I stood for ten minutes, waiting for it to get into just the right spot.)

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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