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Be bold. Be passionate. Never settle. Dare to be RED!

This popular annual event runs during the month of February, and every year features a new red theme. Sign up HERE.

What is Dare to be RED? Surprisingly, it’s not primarily about having your picture taken. Instead, it’s about owning yourself, loving yourself, and presenting yourself proudly and fiercely to the world.

It’s about living into the amazing person that you are, and it’s that moment when you ‘say’ aloud, “This is me, this is who I am.” I love facilitating that moment. Let’s celebrate YOU together.

Dare To Be RED 2020

Featuring a Red, RED, RED background! (149 session fee)

How it works:

  1. Sign up for your session HERE.
  2. Cherie will contact you for your personal consultation. What to wear? What about makeup? Jewelry? Don’t worry, it’s all covered in your consultation!
  3. Attend your photo session. It’s fun – really. Who knew being in front of the camera could feel so comfortable?
  4. Wait excitedly for Cherie to work her magic in her digital artroom.
  5. Attend your selection appointment. Here’s where you see the results of your fabulous self plus Cherie’s artistic eye. You can choose from wall art, books, table decor and more!
  6. In about two weeks, pick up your art. Show it to your friends, and be the envy of all.

Doesn’t that sound like FUN? It is. That’s why Cherie’s clients come back year after year. See yourself as you truly are (through Cherie’s lens), and you’ll be hooked, too.

Sign up HERE.