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The Artist


Cherie Renae Atiyeh, MFA, Obl.OSB

I’m an artist who is passionate about her craft. My calling (the ‘fire in my belly’) is to reveal Spirit – in people, in relationships, in the natural world – through my chosen mediums of photography and the written word. I believe that creation isn’t divided into Christian or Muslim, Hindu or Pagan, animal or vegetable, stone or star; it is our fallible human vision that perceives a difference.

Why can’t a human soar with angel wings, or commune with dragons, or mind-meld with eagles? Why can’t she recline in a Tuscan landscape? Why can’t he confidently stride through an enhanced urban scene? This isn’t ‘fantasy’; all our stories are true – somewhere. I look forward to bringing your dreams to life.

Curriculum Vitae:

  • Undergraduate: Reed College and Willamette University.  B.S. 1993 (double-major, Mathematics and English)
  • Graduate: Pacific University, MFA 2012 (Creative Writing)
  • Other: Oblate, Order of St. Benedict, Queen of Angels Monastery
  • Freelance writer since high school; published author: Faie Fables: Tales for Women.
  • Professional Photographers of Oregon awards: Court of Honor (5 times); Best Photojournalism; Best Portrait of a Man; Associate Fellow of Photography (AFP)

In addition, I grew up as part of Portland’s close-knit Syrian-Lebanese community (think My Big Fat Greek Wedding.) My Gidu (grandfather) was a world-class storyteller, and I attribute my bardic skills to listening at his knee.

I invite you to visit my website of written word (it’s still a work in progress!): Copper Wings. Are you a writer? You are invited to submit your work for consideration.